Monday, December 3, 2012

Our latest with love.

Hello everyone,
I wanted to give you all an update on Chris' progress and let you in on how we are doing!  We just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday. We were actually able to go out of town to a place very special to us, Apple Hill. We took the kids, and stayed with my parents for three nights. As you can imagine, we haven't been out of town, let alone out of the house very much at all in the past month & a half, so this provided us with so much rejuvenation and encouragement. We were able to enjoy the outdoors more, and still get the rest that is needed for us right now. I am now in my third trimester, and I am doing great, but I definitely am starting to feel more pregnant!  I think I am also entering that nesting phase…ready to tackle the nursery and get our house in order for Benjamin!

We mentioned to you all before that Chris was offered little to no hope with traditional medical treatments, such as radiation, chemo. even other clinical trials that had been previously offered to us. The thought was that this would only provide a very temporary solution--if it worked at all. Looking back on this short time, we are actually thankful for that, because we feel the Lord has led us in another direction which is to treat Chris at home, naturally, through nutrition, supplements, etc. At the end of the day, you have to go with what the Lord is speaking to you, and we have felt led in this direction. We know that the human body is amazing and designed with an amazing capacity to heal, restore, fight disease. We feel the largest weapon we have and continue to have is prayer! We know so many of you are standing with us--daily, moment by moment even! This is amazing and good things are happening!

Two of the main things we are thankful for right now is that Chris' energy level is improving steadily. He is not ready to run a marathon yet--but he has much more time standing up, walking around, engaging, wanting to get outside, etc. This is a huge improvement from just a few weeks ago where he needed several naps a day, and mostly had to rest in the chair or bed. Also, he had little to no desire to eat and we had to stay on top of offering him food even when he didn't want it. Now, he is enjoying food more, a bit of a wider variety, and expressing desire for certain things that had no appeal before. He is still not ready for wings and beer….but that is for the best right now….hahahahaha

So, good things are happening. Prayers are being answered and we are continuing to be encouraged by you all, and mostly by our Father.  We continue to be humbled, taken back at the love and support we have been shown from people all over the globe! People coming together and uniting on our behalf, so much generosity, it is unreal!!!! We adore you all…can't wait to share more good news!

Chris and Amy

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  1. I remember this beautiful day....Amy....we love you and are sending our prayers with the hope they are of some comfort. Love monte