Monday, October 29, 2012

Navigating our Promise.

Hello everyone! We are enjoying all of the encouragement and prayers from literally all over the world, and from friends, family, and strangers alike. God is truly raising up an army of people to pray, encourage, and support us in this time...a truly humbling and deeply touching time in our lives. Chris and I have had a good weekend as far as our hearts are concerned. There is an amazing grace from the Lord to us for unity, and encouragement to each other. The help that we are receiving is reviving us daily and giving us endurance to face every day. Physically Chris is able to manage his symptoms of pain, fatigue, congestion, trouble breathing, however we are (and you all are) asking for the fullness of his healing to come. This fight has given us a glimpse into His heart for His bride (the church) and her ability to lean on each other, fight, bless, encourage, carry. His bride is more beautiful to me than ever before. The fact that this is becoming global is all the more special to our hearts. Everyday we are getting reports of people praying for us in other countries all over the world.  We dream of the day of being able to travel to this distant lands and say, "Look at what the Lord has done!"
May I be so bold as to lay a request before you? We have not disclosed too many of the medical details as to protect our own hearts from discouragement and fear. But, I do want to clarify...
We are asking God for
-new lungs, heart, and kidneys (tumors have affected all of these areas)
-all tumors to dissolve
-all pain to leave
-the mind of Christ
These are specific ways we can pray...
The Lord has done so much to encourage all of our hearts to believe. We are so thankful for that. It is such a blessing to see people not only supporting, but believing with us.
Fresh Love and Joy be with you today!!!!
Love, Chris and Amy

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Our current situation.

Hello loved ones.
We wanted to give you all a short update on our situation. Basically, we went to the doctor today for Chris to get checked up after having increased shortness of breath, fatigue, and pain. The doctor ordered a CT scan of his chest and it revealed the rapid growth of his tumors. The doctor gave us no hope in any kind of medical intervention. We heard the news today and we were surprised, shocked, saddened. BUT God has given us a Promise. We are clinging to His word. We believe that Chris can be healed and that the Lord is with us in this, surrounding us, in us. We appreciate your prayers for healing and deliverance. The love of God is holding us in this moment.

specifically pray...
-all tumors to shrink and disappear (esp. around the lungs and heart)
-the ability to breathe deeply
-all pain to go away
-protection of our children's hearts and minds

Let's stand together. No fear! Let's let the love of God lead us in this time.
To God be the glory!!!

Love, Chris and Amy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catching up.

As many of you know we have found ourselves on a journey of discovering hope and healing. We are facing a contradiction that may take up some space & time in the natural for a while, but we are doing our best to allow it not to take up residence in our hearts and minds. We found out for certain two days ago, after a battery of tests, that Chris was diagnosed with melanoma. This will be Chris' second bout with this sickness...(he had a previous experience in 2009) and following a mole removal, and two surgeries later, plus a preventative treatment, he was declared melanoma free. We attribute this to the many prayers, words, encouragements, able physicians, dedicated friends and family, and the kindness of Jesus that we made it through this. The last three years have been an exciting blur of raising children, settling into a permanent home, two trips abroad, new jobs, creative endeavors and loving life. We truly believed this was a done deal. Fast forward 3 years almost exactly (1 month ago) and through persistent symptoms, and then a chest x-ray, along with several other tests, we entered into the land of treatment once again. This effort to explain our story is largely in part to keep our friends and loved ones informed, additionally to encourage you all (and ourselves) in the process. It will be impossible for us to respond to every single comment, email, text, letter, etc...but know that we are extremely grateful. Please do not let our inability to always respond deter you from sharing with us. We would love to hear from you, and cherish each and every one of you. This will be a small way to keep you all informed and share our hearts with you. We may put other things in place as time goes on, but this will be the start. Join with us in the hope and belief that there is healing. We have a mighty God who is able, who loves us extravagantly, and a Savior who took our every contradiction (including sickness, doubt, unbelief) and made us whole. We are whole. Chris is whole. We believe it is finished, and we will continue to believe. Let's pray that this will manifest in the physical. Thank God for Jesus' faith and His strength that will sustain us. He is strong in our weakness...
I do not want to forget to mention our coming joy...We are having a baby boy sometime near March 1st! The Lord has spoken to us about this baby being a promise to, joy, a tangible reality of His goodness in the midst of hardship. We will let you in on his name as soon as we know:) 
Much love, Amy